Stay fresh

stay fresh, pineapple fresh

Nothing more summery and fresh than a pineapple, right? Since we have neglected to update this blog (so much to do!), we thought we'd share a random doodle with some random ramblings of our current state of affairs here at The Dharma Store headquarters. We are so bummed summer is over... on the other hand, it was MELTING hot this year, so this cool weather is perfect right now, especially since the slices of lemon (our deodorant) were having a hard time battling the hotness. On the other, other hand our official Dharma Store basil plant is looking sad and defeated, because we can't cope with the fact that fresh pesto is pretty much over this year. Oh well... we are thinking of growing some lettuce instead now that fall is nice and settled.

In the spirit of FRESHness, we are working super hard to add new designs and styles to our shop. We started with vegan shirts and tanks for ladies, and now we have included some vegan shirt designs for gents as well. Also, yoga shirt designs! because yoga is good for all the seasons.

yoga tank top - white elephant

Urban legend says white elephants are lucky... would you like to give this theory a try? 

We also redesigned our website - there is ALWAYS work in progress - and we are thinking of adding long sleeved apparel, since we have a loooong streak of cold months ahead. That's it for now!

Pssst... you can get the white elephant tank top here.

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