Another reason to visit Orlando: Sloppy Joes and Chilly Daws, Vegan Style

Another reason to visit Orlando: Sloppy Joes and Chilly Daws, Vegan Style

In our latest blog post we shared with you our adventures in Pandora, The World of Avatar, where we had a delicious lunch. It was a really short trip to Orlando, FL, but we still wanted to try out at least 1 vegan restaurant in the area, and this time we chose Dixie Dharma. Just take note that the building itself is called Market on the South, so once you see those words outside, you have arrived.

Market on the South Exterior - The Dharma Store

Market on the South Interior - The Dharma Store

Market on the South is a shared space where vegan vendors offer their products. The place offers a restaurant, bakery and bar with full plant-based dining and beverage menu including BBQ and desserts. For savory you have Dixie Dharma, and your sweet option is Valhalla Bakery (we were so full we didn't have a chance to try it, next time for sure). They also carry vegan artisan goods from local vendors. Check out the menu from Dixie Dharma:

Dixie Dharma Menu - The Dharma Store

So what did we order? Well, we were super hungry, so we tried what we believed was more filling, so we got The Orangebird (vegan BBQ sloppy joe) and Moghul Chili Dawgs (vegan chili hot dogs). Both of them included your choice of side. We got baked mac n' cheese and tater salad. 

The Orangebird - Dixie Dharma - The Dharma Store

Moghul Chili Dawgs - Dixie Dharma - The Dharma Store

The portions are very generous, and the food is very fresh. Everything is well seasoned and satisfying. We loved the fact that they don't have a huge menu, because it gives them the chance to focus on quality instead of quantity. We also liked the general ambiance, very chill, clean and friendly. 

This place is definitely worth trying, if you are around the area you should try them out. Go in fashion with one of our newest vegan shirt designs! Shop more vegan shirts and vegan clothing at The Dharma Store.

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