The Veggie Burger for Pea Lovers!

The Veggie Burger for Pea Lovers!

Our vegan burger series is getting near the end. In this post we will be reviewing a popular vegan burger brand: Dr Praegers Veggie Burger! These vegan burger patties are pea based, and you can find them in more locations than most other brands. Below are our thoughts on the Dr Praegers Veggie Burger.

Dr Praegers All American Veggie Burger

Dr Praegers Vegan Burger Review by The Dharma Store

These vegan burger patties have a very soft texture; be careful because they are very easy to break when flipping them in the oven or skillet. The seasoning is really mild - which is good if you just don't like strong flavors - but the patties have plenty of oil, so you do not need to add more when heating them up. 

If you love peas, you will enjoy this vegan burger patty; the pea flavor is the most dominant overall. We really liked that we found whole chunks of veggies in this veggie burger - so healthy!

In conclusion, we thought the flavor was good, but the texture needs improvement. However, this vegan burger patty is a good option if you are looking for a gluten free and non GMO veggie burger that is available in lots of grocery stores.

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