Where to find 13 different vegan burgers in one place?

Where to find 13 different vegan burgers in one place?

In our last vacations we traveled to Lima, Peru! We were looking for adventures and great food since Peru is known for having one of the best cuisines of the world, but what about vegan dishes? In the past it was pretty hard to find vegan restaurants in Lima, but nowadays there are many you can choose from.

One of the best vegan gems in this city is El Jardin de Jazmin, a vegan fast casual restaurant located in a quiet street of Miraflores. We had heard great things about it online, so we were easily convinced to visit them. The vibe of the place is very laid back, but the menu packs a punch with a huge variety of dishes that appeal to even non vegans looking for healthy options.  

El Jardin de Jazmin Vegan Food in Lima, Peru

Let's start by saying that you will be able to get the famous Peruvian cebiche here! vegan version of course, with mushrooms instead of fish. If your thing is vegan burgers, then you won't be disappointed with the 13 options of burgers offered at this restaurant. This is the most popular item on their menu. You definitely need to try at least one, but if you are not really craving a vegan burger, then you can have pasta or vegan tacos instead.

The selection of drinks is extensive, with tea blends, hot mates, coffee, plant based milks, lemonades, juices, and craft beers. What about Pisco? This iconic Peruvian spirit is also available! specifically the Pisco Sour which is a famous cocktail from Peru. It is usually prepared with eggs, but here you get the vegan version.

If you've been walking a lot doing some sightseeing in the beautiful Miraflores, then Jazmin suggests Zaratustra tea, which is energizing; she has created all the different blends based on the properties of each herb and their effects on the body. If you are traveling with children, there are some dishes thought specially for them. Think of these as vegan happy meals. They are called the Shanti combos and they include a main dish with native fries and a beverage.

Now, what did we get? We are gonna start with the drinks. Rose water with cinnamon and orange, and coconut water lemonade with mint. The rose water was super refreshing and it had an exciting hint of spice, and the lemonade was on point, with well balanced sweetness and acidity. The coconut water was a pleasant surprise on the lemonade.

El Jardin de Jazmin Vegan Restaurant - Vegan drinks

Now is time for the food! The portions were definitely generous (you will see that in the photos) and tasted great; big plus, absolutely everything is prepared to order, so you get the freshest food ever.

First we tried the corn taco with quinoa and mushrooms. It's a big bite, full of flavors that tie in together with the help of lime juice and spices. The taco shell was made in house using a special blue corn flour they brought that day. The filling of the vegan taco has a mix of crunch from the fresh micro-greens, finely diced purple onions, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, and juicy baby mushrooms with perfectly cooked quinoa. 

Vegan tacos in Lima, Peru

Jazmin suggested we tried the Ancestral Burger and it was a fantastic choice. It is made from black beans and served with avocado, lettuce, carrots, beetroot and BBQ sauce. It's a massive, generous burger with a great combination of flavors; the bun is toasted so even with the sauces it never got soggy. It comes with baked native rosemary potatoes and a creamy dip made from local aji amarillo.

Vegan burger in Lima, Peru

We ended our lunch with their famous Champipapas, which is a vegan adaption of Peruvian Salchipapas (hot dog pieces with french fries, served with sauces such as ketchup, mayo, and mustard). This vegan adaptation is served with potatoes and mushrooms, topped with BBQ sauce. It has a mild spiciness that works well with the starchiness of the dish. The mushrooms were juicy but not mushy, and the potatoes were full of flavor and perfectly cooked. 

Vegan Peruvian food in Lima, Peru

We met the owner of the restaurant, Jazmin, who took the time to chat with us and answer a few questions. The current menus will be revamped very soon and will include English descriptions. She mentioned how important it was for them to respect the earth and lower their impact on the environment, so most of the furniture and decorations are made from recycled materials. There is also a strong sense of community there; very often she hosts improvised cultural events such as poetry reading, art shows, and live music; you can check out their facebook page to find out what is going on that week.

Jazmin started as a small vendor in festivals and events, and now she owns an enchanting vegan restaurant that is definitely worth trying; she has been open for 3 years now. Check it out next time you come visit Lima, Peru! You can find El Jardin de Jazmin here:

 Keep in touch with El Jardin de Jazmin on Facebook and Instagram!

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