25 Grams of Protein in this Vegan Patty!

25 Grams of Protein in this Vegan Patty!

Our vegan burger series is getting a new addition, and let me tell you, this is one of our faves! Today we will be sharing our experiences with the Field Roast Fieldburger. These hearty vegan burger patties have 25 grams of protein each! Read our Field Roast Vegan Burger Review below.

Field Roast Fieldburger

Field Roast Fieldburger Vegan Burger

This vegan burger has the "meatiest" texture of all the vegan burger patties we have tried so far. This is a really well seasoned vegan burger patty, so no more salt is really needed. As the majority of the vegan burger patties in the market, the Field Roast Fieldburger is already pre-cooked. If you are using a skillet to heat up your vegan patty, then don't add oil, since it has plenty already. Be careful when flipping your patty, as it can get a little soft while it's hot. 

The Field Roast vegan burger has a great bite, and you can really taste all the carrots and the celery. Even though you feel the smokiness, it doesn't overpower the rest of flavors. Its texture is really meaty, so in consequence this is a great option for new vegans or for people trying to go vegan. You get a similar tasting experience to an animal protein, but completely cruelty-free.

These vegan patties are not only delicious, but we also think that they are a much better transition option for new vegans than quinoa or legume-based veggie burger patties. Or if you are a vegan looking for something with meaty texture, this is really one of the best ones you can find.

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