Looking for Quinoa Burgers at your Grocery Store?

Looking for Quinoa Burgers at your Grocery Store?

Nowadays there are a lot of vegan burger brands offering frozen vegan burgers at your local grocery store. We want to try them all of course! Each vegan burger brand has different ingredients, taste, texture, and heat level. Since we want to taste them and let you know what we think, we are starting our vegan burger series!

This time we wanted to try quinoa vegan burgers, and we chose Qrunch Organics. The vegan burgers we tried from them are non GMO and gluten free. This is what we think:

Qrunch Organics - Original Flavor

Overall, this vegan burger patty is very lightly seasoned, which is good if you don't like too much salt in your food. We think it serves well as a great blank "canvas" so you can go nuts with the condiments. 

Qrunch Organics - Vegan Burger - Original


Qrunch Organics - Green Chile

We honestly couldn't taste the Chile, so we found the taste is similar to the the original flavor.  

Qrunch Organics - Vegan Burger - Green Chile


Qrunch Organics - Spicy Italian

It has hints of Italian flavors, especially pepperoni. We really appreciated the mix of spices and herbs. This was a pleasant surprise to us since we enjoy bold flavors. 

Qrunch Organics - Vegan Burger - Spicy Italian


If you are looking for bean and soy free vegan burger alternative, then Qrunch Organics is a very good option for you. In general, these vegan patties have a good consistency; the quinoa provides a nice crunch and even though the texture is soft, it holds up very well and doesn't crumble too easily. In terms of flavors, we would go with the Spicy Italian, but if you don't like a vegan burger that is spicy (just a bit) you could try the Original Flavor. The patties come with plenty of oil so there is no need to use any extra. We baked them, but you can also heat them up in your stovetop. 

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