This Teriyaki Vegan Burger is Worth Trying!

This Teriyaki Vegan Burger is Worth Trying!

On this new rendition of our vegan burger series, we tried the brand Sweet Earth! They have a vast variety of vegan food, but now we are just focusing on a few of their vegan burger patties. Made with non-GMO ingredients, there babies are packed with around 14-15 grams of protein each! You get two quarter pound patties per box. Read our Sweet Earth Veggie Burger Review below.

Sweet Earth Veggie Burger Santa Fe

If we could describe it in only 3 words we would say: sweet, smoky, and spicy (just a bit). The flavor of the carrots really comes through, and the vegan patty has a great, firm texture.

Sweet Earth Santa Fe Vegan Burger Pattie

Sweet Earth Veggie Burger Teriyaki

It is smoky with a rich BBQ flavor, but you can still taste the veggies. This vegan patty also has a great meaty texture that does not crumble. 

Sweet Earth Teriyaki Vegan Burger Pattie

The patties come pre-cooked and with those grill marks we love; you can heat them up in the oven but we thought using a skillet is just so quick and convenient! Both vegan burger patties are very tasty, but if we had to choose only one we'd have the Teriyaki; the Santa Fe needs a little bit of salt. Note that sometimes supermarkets do not carry all the varieties, so check Sweet Earth's website for a list of locations where you can find the brand in your area.

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