The Vegan Burger that is beyond our expectations!

The Vegan Burger that is beyond our expectations!

Today we are ending our vegan burger series, and if you have not checked our previous vegan burger posts, you can find them all in our blog. We wanted to close our series with one of the best vegan burgers we have tried so far... In this post we will be reviewing the Beyond Burger!

The Beyond Burger - Beyond Meat

First thing is the cooking; it was quite a shocking experience for long time vegans like us. This vegan patty looks and cooks so close to ground beef, that we are sure it could be easily mistaken for meat. It has a lot of fat, which helps the patty caramelize in the pan; it also "bleeds" and smells very similar to beef. It's just amazing how far mock meat vegan products have evolved. Each vegan patty is cooked in 6 minutes in the skillet, so it is very quick and easy. We want to note than unlike other vegan burger brands, the beyond burger does not come pre-cooked.   

The Beyond Burger - Beyon Meat- Review by The Dharma Store

This vegan burger is the closest to the "true" thing we've ever tasted. Great choice for the new vegan that still misses meat. The texture is perfect, it holds its shape and doesn't crumble at all. If we could describe it in only 3 words we would say: juicy, fatty, meaty. We only added a little bit of salt and pepper to condiment it, the beyond burger comes already with a certain smokiness that we liked.

The Beyond Burger - Vegan Burger Review by The Dharma Store

Vegan burgers are nowadays easily found in restaurants and grocery stores, so there is no need to keep eating meat burgers.

If you want to learn more about the most popular vegan burger brands in 2019 check out this link:

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