Vegan Restaurants in Colorado: Our Top 3 Picks

Vegan Restaurants in Colorado: Our Top 3 Picks

Vegan Restaurants in Colorado

We recently had the fortune to visit the Denver and Boulder area of the majestic state of Colorado. Looking for vegan restaurants in Colorado, we found that the vegan scene is still small. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of its food. Here is a recap of 3 excellent vegan restaurants you can try in Colorado.

V Revolution

V Revolution by The Dharma Store

V revolution is a fast casual vegan/vegetarian eatery. The food is cooked to order and you place the order in the counter. We had the drunken noodles, the mushroom lovers plant based dumplings and the orange chicken rice bowl. The noodles came with heaps of fresh colorful veggies, and they were seasoned with a delicious garlicky sauce. The dumplings were crispy yet light. The orange "chicken" had the perfect texture, soft and meaty inside and crispy outside. The chicken balls came on top of a bed of rice, and everything was coated with a generous amount of a punchy orange sauce. Overall, we thought that the ingredients were fresh, the portions were generous and the dishes were very flavorful. 

The Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl by The Dharma Store

By its nondescript look outside, you would never guess how cool this joint is. This is a very unique an eclectic vegan bar and restaurant, with dimmed lights, wood everywhere, and lots of cozy tables surrounding a huge bar, which stands out as if it was the heart of the place. We recommend coming here especially if you want to get drinks while enjoying some tasty food to soak up all that alcohol. First, we tried the burrito supreme. It consisted of a "meaty" mince and pinto bean stuffing, and it was topped with a generous amount of pico, guacamole, lettuce, a yellow cheese sauce and sour cream. Next we had the supreme tacos. They came in a set of 3 soft tacos. Inside they had the same meaty mince as the burrito, but it was elevated with a fresh mix of diced tomatoes, red bell peppers, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and a kick of heat somewhere. We ordered to go and the food was ready in about 10 minutes. The servers were very friendly and engaging. For a vegan restaurant with a heavy focus on drinks, the food was super fresh, flavorful and the portions very filling. 

Piante Pizzeria

Piante Pizzeria by The Dharma Store

Somewhere in a very hip Denver neighborhood, there is a former warehouse/art gallery that now houses the best vegan pizza we have ever had. The menu selection is small, but we feel it's because it is focused in what they do best. We decided to try the veggie supreme pizza and a side of garlic knots. The toppings of the pizza were super fresh, and the marinara sauce tasted like it was made with the best quality tomatoes and lots of love. Nevertheless, the real star of the dish was the pizza dough. It is very thin but crispy, its edges fluffy, and it was properly charred in the oven. Then, we thought the garlic knots had a denser and more substantial dough. They were coated with plenty of garlic sauce, which was amazing and surprisingly delicate since the garlic seemed to be slightly cooked. The marinara dipping sauce was perfection. The place is huge and has its own parking lot. We dream of the day when we can return to this vegan restaurant in Colorado.

So there you go! 3 solid vegan restaurants in Colorado, each offering something unique and delicious. Always support your local vegan restaurants and the vegan restaurants of the places you visit, so that with time, compassionate choices triumph over cruelty.