Washington D.C. is in the TOP 10 cities for Vegans!

Washington D.C. is in the TOP 10 cities for Vegans!

We recently found out that Washington D.C is among the top vegan friendly cities in the US! Great news for us since we wanted to visit the capital for a long time, and now we had another good reason. We understand that if you travel there you might want to spend most of your time outdoors, checking out all the neoclassical buildings and monuments, or the amazing museums you can visit, and for that reason we made a vegan diary of vegan restaurants where you can eat something quick so you have more time for sightseeing. We are including lunch, dinner, and quick grab options, since breakfast was taken always at the place where we stayed. We spent 2 full days there, and definitely had an amazing time.

Let’s start with day 1. We started our day checking out some museums close to the National Mall, and then for lunch we went to Chinatown, which is small but yet full of personality. It’s close, probably a 15 minute walk or more if you are taking some photos on your way. We chose HipCityVeg for our first meal because we read good things about this place. They use 100% organic non-GMO soy ingredients, and all of their packaging - containers, cups, straws, and utensils - is made of corn and entirely compostable. Also, what they can’t compost is recycled. Definitely a place worth visiting. We had 2 burgers there, and we were not disappointed. Fresh ingredients, great flavors.

Ziggy Burger (with organic smoked tempeh and special sauce)

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - HipCityVeg- Vegan Burger - Ziggy Burger

Buffalo Bella (with celery slaw tomato and buffalo sauce)

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - HipCityVeg- Vegan Burger - Buffalo Bella

After a long day walking we felt like getting a dessert. Luckily for us there is a vegan bakery/cafe in the Columbia Heights area. We had to get our chocolate cookies, cake, and brownie to go because we had some friends waiting for us in Georgetown. We enjoyed our desserts, and will definitely try more next time we visit them.

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Sticky Fingers - Vegan Bakery

Once we arrived to the charming area of Georgetown, we went to have dinner at Pinstripes. The happy hour prices are a good value, and the environment is casual. Great if you are with friends. We had a flatbread and and hummus & avocado platter.

Roasted Vegetable Flatbread (grilled zucchini, red onions, asparagus), request without cheese.

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Pinstripes - Vegan Flatbread

Hummus and Avocado Platter (house-made pita bread, fresh vegetables), request without cheese and butter.

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Pinstripes - Hummus and Avocado Platter

Now four our final full day in D.C, we started day 2 visiting the National Mall area; this is where you can find the famous Lincoln Memorial. This day we made an exception in terms of grabbing something quick for lunch. We went to a Thai restaurant that was recommend to us by a vegan friend. There is a special vegetarian menu with vegan options. We tried 2 dishes here. It was all delicious.

Pad Thai Tofu (Stir-fried tofu with thin rice noodles, red bean curd, bean sprouts, scallions, and crushed peanuts).

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Mai Thai - Vegan Pad Thai Tofu

Kaw Poe Jae (Stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables and fresh basil in a spicy chili garlic sauce)

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Mai Thai - Vegan Kaw Poe Jae

This time for dessert we went to Fro-zen-Yo. Get the sorbets which are vegan; there are plenty of vegan options for toppings as well.

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Frozen Yogurt - Vegan Sorbets

We ended up our day in Georgetown, visiting Sweet Green. In this place you can build your own bowl, with a lot of vegan options to choose from. I had the organic wild rice as a base with a lot of veggies, and spicy cashew dressing.

Vegan Restaurant Washington D.C. - Sweet Green - Vegan Bowl

Washington D.C. is a city where you want to be outside when the weather is good, a lot of places to visit, lots of vegan options. Next time we go there we will come back with even more places for you to visit. Happy travels!

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