The Complete Vegan Burger Review - Which one is Best?

The Complete Vegan Burger Review - Which one is Best?

Vegan burgers have been increasing their popularity in the last decade, but more rapidly just in these past few years. Vegan food is definitely more than just a trend in the world, and the food business industry knows it. It's no longer a  surprise to find so many vegan burger brands at the grocery stores, and restaurants offering their own vegan burger patties. If you are not a fan of processed foods, then you'll also be able to find plenty of vegan burger recipes online. Today I'll tell you everything you need to know about vegan burgers.

What are vegan burgers made of?

First of the obvious, vegan burgers are 100% plant based. The most popular main ingredients of vegan burger patties can be: lentils, black beans, red beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, soy, tofu, tempeh, rice, quinoa, mushrooms, peas, beets, wheat protein, and more.

Where can you get a vegan burger?

If you are based in the US, the availability of vegan burgers has exploded in the past years, so you can basically find them in many places such as: grocery stores, casual dining restaurants, and of course, vegan restaurants. 

Which grocery stores carry vegan burgers?

Vegan burgers can easily be found at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, Costco, Walmart, and local grocery stores. Pretty much every big market chain in your region should carry vegan burgers, but if you have a specific vegan burger brand you are interested in trying out, then just visit their website and look for their store locator.

Which vegan burger brands can you find at your local grocery stores?

  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Beyond Meat
  • Dr. Praeger’s
  • Field Roast
  • Gardein
  • Hilary's
  • Qrunch Organics
  • Sweet Earth

Which vegan burger brands are gluten free?

  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Beyond Meat
  • Dr. Praeger’s
  • Gardein
  • Hilary's
  • Qrunch Organics

Vegan Burger Brands Nutrition Facts:

We checked the websites for the main vegan burger brands to create the following graphs based on the nutritional information available. We are presenting the range of values, from the lowest to the highest amount you can find in the complete selection of their vegan burger patties.

Sodium in Vegan Burgers

Sodium in Vegan Burgers - Infographic by The Dharma Store

Fat in Vegan Burgers

Fat in Vegan Burgers - Infographic by The Dharma Store

Calories in Vegan Burgers

Calories in Vegan Burgers - Infographic by The Dharma Store

Carbohydrates in Vegan Burgers

Carbohydrates in Vegan Burgers - Infographic by The Dharma Store

Protein in Vegan Burgers

Protein in Vegan Burgers - Infographic by The Dharma Store

Which casual dining restaurants serve vegan burgers?

TGI Fridays, The Cheesecake Factory, Twin Peaks, Red Robin, Johnny Rockets, and Denny's are amongst the most popular choices.   

Are vegan burgers healthy?

Yes and No. Yes, because vegan burger patties are completely plant based, and no because there are always downsides to eating processed foods. The best vegan burger you can eat is probably going to be homemade, because then you are in control of the ingredients.

What is the best vegan burger recipe?

You can find hundreds of really good vegan burger recipes online, just look for a vegan recipe that has the main ingredients you like. In our case, we love the vegan burger recipes that contain lentils or black beans.

Where can you find vegan burger reviews?

We have written some vegan burger reviews in the past, that you can check out here:

We hope you enjoyed all the information we have provided to you, and that it helps you decide which vegan burger to buy next time you go to the grocery store! And remember when you go shopping, you can look cool and do some activism by carrying one of our latest vegan tote bags:

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